Q'aja Golf

Q’aja is known for bringing together quality fabrics and flamboyant design to create trousers and polos that move in the right places, giving the fashion and figure conscious golfers a great look that transcends from the course to the 19th hole effortlessly. Tony ‘The Tailor’ is responsible for the conception of the brand and establishing it in the golf world as cutting edge apparel. It was Tony’s unique approach to golf fashion that captured the attention of Darren Clarke, a partnership that made Darren recognisable as much for his apparel as his golf! Q’aja bespoke is worn by world class athletes, celebrities and businessmen across the world.

Our Objective

Q’aja’s objective is to help people from all walks of life (celebrity or not) to make a success in their lives through the first thing that people see of them…their image! I would like to welcome you to the world of Q’AJA.

Q'aja is renowned for being innovative and making a big impact in the golf fashion world.

It was Q'aja that brought the now famous "V" slits that are now commonly found on golf trousers.


Tony Q'aja

The Style

Tony has vast experience across the full spectrum of the fashion industry. This led to a long list of world tour players using Q’aja including Darren Clark, Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar, Graeme Mcdowell to name a few.

Paul walsh

Ex footballer Paul Walsh's love for golf and the Q'aja brand inspired him to be a part of the brands growth